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16 January 2009 @ 12:27 am
Micky Rabbit (Chapter 1)  

Park Yoochun heard the ringing in his ears and automatically swung his left arm upwards to knock over the alarm clock. He heard the alarm clock drop off the stand, but the ringing continued.

Yoochun opened one eye and saw the sun shining into his window. Wasn’t it Saturday? Why was his alarm clock throwing a tantrum?

Groaning in frustration, Yoochun pushed himself onto a sitting position on his bed. That was when it occurred to him that the ringing was the doorbell.

Grumbling a mixture of curse words, Yoochun lazily got off the bed and walked out of his cluttered room. His hair was in disarray, his T-shirt was wrinkled, and his boxers had smiley faces on them. That didn’t stop him from answering the door.

“Ya! Hold your horses!” Yoochun grumbled as the ringing doorbell got more intense. Without looking through the peeping hole, he opened the door to reveal a man who looked the complete opposite of him.

“Ya! What took you so long?” Park Jaejoong exclaimed as he charged into the messy apartment and launched himself onto the couch. He winced when a hard object on the couch made contact with his bum. He reached into the slit of the seat to uncover a remote control, a plate, a sock, and some other junk. “Look at this mess!”

“What do ya want?” Yoochun closed the door and scratched the back of his head.

While he looked like a mess, Jaejoong was looking neat with styled black hair, a perfect fitting T-shirt, and branded jeans. Who would have guessed they were brothers?

“It’s the weekends. Don’t you want to go out and have some fun?”

“Ya! I don’t got work, so lemme sleep!”

“You’re wasting time on sleep,” Jaejoong pointed out. “Eight hours is enough.”

“Twelve hours is ‘enough’ for me. I’ve only had nine hours.”

“Fine, and here I was going to ask you to help me with something…” Jaejoong pouted.

“Have Changmin help you. I can’t even help my own @ss. If I don’t find someone to share rent with me within this week, then I might go take loans from the sharks.”

Jaejoong frowned. “Don’t do that. If you need money…”

“I ain’t gonna ask you or Changmin and I most definitely will not ask Umma and Appa,” Yoochun spoke with determination.

Jaejoong sighed. This would be the best time to change the subject.

“You dyed your hair again?” Jaejoong said. Yoochun’s hair was mostly black on the top with side bangs. Under the black was a longer length of blond hair that surrounded his nape and slightly brushed his broad shoulders.

“The barber thought I was crazy when I told him to do it,” Yoochun drawled.

“I like the blond. I think I’m going to go blond, that same color you have.”

“Do it quick before Changmin threatens you into lettin’ him dye your hair for you.”

“Ya! Bad memories!” Jaejoong exclaimed.

“Your hair looked silver. It wasn’t too bad.”

“My classmates thought I was a freak. I still don’t know what stuff Changmin was mixing into the dye.”

“Why dontcha go ask him? And good luck with whatever you’re goin’ to make him help ya with.”

“Aish, you’re just trying to get rid of me. Fine, I’m off. Good luck with the rent.”

Yoochun rushed his older brother out of the apartment and quickly closed the door behind him. Once the door closed, he made a 180 degree turn and ran right back into his room to get some more sleep.


Kim Junsu stepped out of the elevator. He saw another man exiting the apartment to his left. The man had sleek black hair and a great sense of fashion. Junsu smiled politely at him and the man smiled in return.

“This may seem odd, but do you mind telling me where you purchased those jeans?” Junsu had to ask.

The other man seemed happy that someone appreciated his article of clothing. “I got it at the mall. It’s a fifteen minute drive from here.”

“Really? I did not know they sold this brand in Korea!” Junsu grinned.

“Are you from out of state?”

“I was born in Korea, but moved to America. I came back just a couple of days ago.”

“Well, then, welcome home!” the man greeted with an extended hand.

Junsu shook his hand. “Thank you. My name is Junsu, by the way.”

“Jaejoong,” the other man introduced with a beautiful smile. He glanced at his designer’s watch and pressed the button for the elevator. “I actually need to get going, but here’s my business card. We could come out for a drink sometimes and if you need a guide around Korea, I’d be happy to do it. I know a lot of places with great clothes for amazing prices.”

Junsu chuckled. “Thank you, I will see you next time then.”

“See you next time,” Jaejoong smiled and quickly got into the elevator before it closed.

When Jaejoong was out of sight, he took out a piece of paper from his back pocket and verified the address for the millionth time. Apartment 15A.

To his right was 15B and to his left was 15A…the same apartment that Jaejoong had walked out of.

Curiosity got the best of him. Was Jaejoong a boyfriend, a sibling, or just a normal friend of the person living in the apartment? Or maybe he had been here to take a look at the room that was up for rent?

Junsu remembered the smile Jaejoong had on his face when the apartment door closed behind him. Was he happy that he had gotten the spot in the apartment?

If the room was taken, then how else would Junsu be able to get close to Park Yoochun?


Yoochun was close to falling back asleep when the doorbell began to ring again. He cussed under his breath and pushed himself off the bed.

He took angry footsteps to the door and pulled it open with more force than necessary. “Dammit Jae, I’m tryin’ to…!”

Yoochun’s eyes were wide open when he saw that the person standing at the door was not his brother. It was another guy who reminded him of his brother. The guy had neat stylish hair. He wore a pink button up shirt that was left unbuttoned to reveal the crisp white T-shirt underneath it. He even wore perfectly white pants to match. He looked more like a model for the brand-name messenger bag he was carrying.

“What cha want?” Yoochun asked in a not too nice manner.

“Oh, yes,” the other guy blinked. He had been shocked by the loud voice and messy looking man who opened the door. “I saw an ad about a room for rent…”

Yoochun could hear the sound of money going ‘Ka-ching!’ in his brain. “One moment!”

He slammed the door into the guy’s face and broke the world record of cleaning a dumpster-like apartment in five minutes—although most of the trash was simply thrown into his own room, where he was sure his future roommate would not be able to see. In those five minutes, he even managed to jump into a pair of black jeans and a black T-shirt. He ran a comb through his hair and ran back out to open the door.

The guy was still standing there looking confused when he opened the door. Yoochun plastered a polite grin on his face and extended his hand with a slight bow, “Hello, my name is Park Yoochun.”

The other guy blinked out of his confused state. He extended his hand, “Kim Junsu, nice to meet you.”

Yoochun was about to pull his hand out of the handshake, but found that he could not. He looked at the other guy who was staring at their connected hands like it was the most amazing thing in the world.

Yoochun ‘cleared his throat’ loudly and tugged harder to retrieve his hand. Feeling a bit awkward, he said, “Would you like a tour of the apartment? I guarantee you’ll love it.”

Junsu grinned at Yoochun, a smile that was too sweet for a stranger. Yoochun rubbed his arms to get rid of the Goosebumps and awkwardly turned to look at anything, but the guy in pink.

Yoochun began giving Junsu a tour of the apartment. He started in the living room and moved on to the kitchen.

“Do you cook?” Junsu asked all of a sudden.

Yoochun found the question awkward, but brushed it off because he found an opportunity to fit in more reasons for Junsu to move in. “There is a large grocery shop just five minutes away from here and even a plaza with plenty of restaurants that do take-out!”

“So you do not cook? It is not really healthy to eat out all the time,” Junsu said.

Yoochun tried his best to not give the guy an ‘are you kidding me?’ expression. The guy looked like he was about Yoochun’s age, but that statement just made him seem older.

“Let’s move on,” Yoochun continued as he led Junsu into the hallway. “There are two rooms and one bathroom in this hallway. It’s all yours since I have a bathroom in my master bedroom.”

The guy didn’t seem to be listening as he walked to the first door on the right. “Is this your room?”

Yoochun saw Junsu reach for the knob and quickly slipped himself in between the door and the other man. “Uh…yes, and the number one rule on the contract is that you don’t go into my room and I don’t go into your room.”

Junsu didn’t answer, just stared at him. That was when Yoochun realized how close they were to each other, their chests only inches apart. Too close for comfort.

“Your room would be the one over there,” Yoochun pointed, sucking in his stomach and pressing himself against the door as best as he could so he wouldn’t be so close to the other man.

A weird smile appeared on Junsu’s face as he nodded and finally turned to walk to the other room. “I like this room,” he said, barely even looking through the room.

“Okay, great,” Yoochun paused, wondering if he really wanted such a weird guy as his roommate for one whole year. But he was desperate for money and there was absolutely no way he would go ask his family for it. “So the contract is for one year and the cost…”

“Oh, yes, I wanted to discuss the price with you…” Junsu began.

Yoochun frowned. There was no way he was going to lower his price.

“The price on the ad…” Yoochun began to argue.

“I only took a quick glance at the price on the ad, is it 80,000 Won per month or 90,000 Won? I cannot seem to remember.”

Yoochun’s mouth dropped open. Was this guy insane, that much money for this kind of apartment?

Yoochun was only going to ask for 40,000 Won, but this guy was giving him double! Heck, if the guy was rich, then he wasn’t afraid to spend money! Yoochun certainly wasn’t afraid to spend his money for him!

“90,000 Won sounds good,” Yoochun said.

Junsu grinned cheerfully, “Then 90,000 Won it will be! When may I move in?”

“I’ll have the contract ready first thing tomorrow morning.”

“Okay, then I will have my belongings transported here tomorrow morning.”

Looking like a kid who finally got the toy he’d always wanted, Junsu said his farewell and walked out of the apartment.

Yoochun watched him leave and when the door closed, Yoochun scratched his cheek with his index finger.

This guy was certainly not someone who needs to worry about money. So why would he live in a dump like this…and pay 90,000 Won per month for it? Maybe he was some rich kid who ran away from home because his parents wanted to make him marry a mean, ugly stranger. Maybe living in an expensive place would make it easier for his parents to find him so he decided to live in a dump like this instead.

Yoochun threw his head back and laughed. Yeah, right. That was as ridiculous as saying that maybe Kim Junsu had a crush on Yoochun.

Yoochun chuckled even more and made a note to himself that he needed to stop watching so much television.


Later that night, Jaejoong popped up at Yoochun’s apartment. It had become a routine for Jaejoong to bring homemade food to store in Yoochun’s fridge, even on windy nights when it looked like a storm was just around the corner.

“Oh, yeah, baby!” Yoochun cheered as he grabbed the bags of food from Jaejoong’s hands and ran to the kitchen. Jaejoong closed the door and followed him in.

“You have no manners,” Jaejoong lectured as usual.

“It ain’t the first day you’ve known me. I’m extra hungry today. Thank goodness you dropped by,” Yoochun said as he pulled out some dishes and started eating with his fingers.

“You just stuff everything into your mouth. Learn to eat slowly and actually enjoy the food.”

“I do enjoy it. Anythin’ my bro makes is golden. Whoever marries you will be very lucky!” Yoochun complimented between munches.

Jaejoong rolled his eyes. “That statement would sound more romantic coming from a rock.”

“What’s that mean?”

“That means a rock is more romantic than you.”

“You better warn the lucky girl I’ll choose to be your sister-in-law,” Yoochun continued stuffing his face.

“You’d be lucky if anyone chooses to marry you,” Jaejoong reasoned. “So what do you think about my hair?”

Yoochun’s mouth was still chewing as his eyes moved to look at the newly dyed hair. It was the same shade as the one Yoochun had.

“Lookin’ at your hair makes it obvious how windy it is outside. The color looks good though; after seein’ you with silver hair, anythin’ looks good. Maybe you should go green next.”

“I’ll go green if you dye your hair pink.”

Yoochun made a disgusted face. “I hate pink.”

“You eat; I’m going to the bathroom.”

“Enjoy!” Yoochun grinned.

A few moments later, Jaejoong’s voice was heard from the bathroom in the hallway, “Don’t you own a comb?”

Yoochun shouted back, “I only got one in the whole apartment, in the bathroom in my room!”

Yoochun continued to eat as Jaejoong made his way to Yoochun’s room. Jaejoong could only sigh at the sight of his brother’s room and bathroom. He had learned to ignore it.

He finally found the comb on the messy counter and ran it thoroughly through his newly dyed hair. He always liked to look his best.


If Kim Junsu was going to be paying him 90,000 Won per month, then the least Yoochun could do was help the guy carry his belongings into the apartment. Yoochun stood outside waiting for Junsu to arrive, all prepared to volunteer his muscles.

But then he saw the car arrive with five large boxes and two large luggage, he gave the idea a second thought. That looked like a lot of work!

“Hello!” Junsu got out of the car and ran to greet Yoochun. His stylish and pastel colored clothes were a big contrast to Yoochun’s plain black colored outfit.

“Uh…your things…” Yoochun began, still wondering if he should offer to help. It looked like a lot of work.

“Oh, do not worry. I will find a way to settle all my belongings. I hired some people to assist me so there is no need to offer a hand,” Junsu smiled cheerfully at him. Once again, the all-too-sweet smile was making Yoochun uncomfortable.

On the bright side, he didn’t have to look bad for not offering to help and he didn’t have to help at all!

“While they move my belongings in, do you mind showing me the contract?”

“Oh, right! This way,” Yoochun said as he turned to walk into the apartment. Junsu followed.

Yoochun expected Junsu to easily sign the contract seeing that he didn’t even care about the price for the rent. However, they were sitting there for nearly twenty minutes just so Junsu could read every single word on the document.

“In short, my monthly payment is set to 90,000 Won. This price includes utilities and any other necessities.”

“Huh?” Yoochun yawned. He was close to falling asleep. “Yeah, sure.”

“Whichever party violates this contract within the one year term will have to pay the opposite party twice the amount of one year’s rent?”

“If that’s what it says,” Yoochun mumbled as he extended his arms to stretch.

“Have you looked through this contract?”

“My lawyer friend said it’s exactly the way I asked for,” Yoochun replied. He was too lazy to read it. “Now let’s sign it.”

Yoochun signed his copy and quickly handed it to Junsu. He grabbed Junsu’s copy and signed it as well. Junsu skimmed the contract one more time before finally signing it.

Yoochun was grinning from ear to ear when Junsu finished signing. “Congratulations. Here is your copy and this one is mine. Now you have fun moving in. I’ve got a party to get my @ss to.”

Junsu sat there in confusion, trying to comprehend all the words Yoochun had just thrown at him, a mile a minute.

Meanwhile, Yoochun had already jumped up from his seat and ran to his room to put the contract in a safe place. Just as he was about to put it into the drawer, he looked at it one more time, just to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. It was hard to believe that he had finally gotten this dump rented out and for so much money!

His eyes scanned his own signature and then the signature next to his. That was when he noticed the little heart at the end of the name.

What kind of guy draws a heart behind his name on a signature?

Yoochun shrugged it off. Oh, well, they were just housemates anyway. Not friends, not even acquaintances, just two strangers sharing one apartment.

Heck, Yoochun didn’t want to have any other connections with the weird, all-too-cheerful guy who made Yoochun nervous with his constant friendly stares.


It had taken Junsu three whole days just to get all of his belongings, mostly clothes, settled into the small room. But those three whole days included his daily eight hours of sleep and three meals a day.

Looking around the room, Junsu was proud of himself for making things work out. It was a room that was all too small, but he had managed to make it look nice.

One thing that bothered him about these three days was Yoochun’s constant disappearance, but then, the weekend was over and the guy had to get back to work.

Another thing that bothered him was how vulgar Yoochun was. Junsu had heard him on the phone with someone early one morning and his language was just…disgusting. It contained slangs and cuss words in every sentence!

Food wise, Junsu was quite happy to see that he had decent homemade meals in the fridge that he would reheat every late night when he got home. Junsu was an early sleeper, so he’d be in bed by then. From his room, he could hear the slamming of the microwave door and then the loudness of the television as Yoochun settled on the couch for a TV dinner.

This morning, Yoochun had left the house early again. With his room finished, Junsu tended to the next item on his priority list: Find a strand of Yoochun’s hair!

The best way to get it would be from Yoochun’s comb or brush, whichever one he used. Junsu didn’t want to risk picking up a strand of hair from the couch or the kitchen because it may end up being from someone else, even those people he had hired to help him move his belongings. Furthermore, if Yoochun had any guests over, those guests would use the bathroom in the hallway rather than enter his room to use his personal bathroom.

But he couldn’t just sneak into Yoochun’s room and then into his bathroom…

Junsu’s mind was attempting to conjure ideas as he walked to the bathroom in the hallway. His eyes wandered around the bathroom, which looked a lot better now after Junsu had spent the morning cleaning it. His eyes landed on the bar of soap in the corner of the tub.


Junsu held the bar of soap in his hand and sighed. It was his favorite smell and it had only been used four times. A waste…but the payoff would be worth it.

Junsu positioned his hand over the toilet. Unable to look, he closed his eyes and dropped the bar of soap. He flushed the toilet.


“I dunno what the hell you did to it, but I’ll have someone come check it out. You’re paying the guy for his work though.”

“That is fine. I will pay him for his service,” Junsu smiled at Yoochun, who looked very annoyed. “However, may I request the use of your restroom? I still need to shower and prepare for bed.”

Yoochun frowned. He didn’t let the guy into his room in the beginning because he didn’t want Junsu to see what a mess the apartment was. But now that the contracts were signed and Junsu was paying rent, there was no longer a reason to hide the messiness from him.

“Fine, but do it quick. I shower after I eat and I eat effin’ fast,” Yoochun grumbled as he walked into the kitchen to microwave his dinner.

“Thank you very much!” Junsu cheered. Yoochun wondered how the guy could always be smiling.

On the other hand, Junsu had already gone to his room to gather his pajamas, towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. He quickly made his way to Yoochun’s room.

As his hand turned the knob, Junsu could feel his heart beat as if this would be one of the most amazing moments in his life.

With a smile, he opened the door to the room and…

It was a dump! Dirty clothes were thrown all over the place, pillows were on the ground, the blanket was hanging off the bed. There was a dirty sock on the lamp and paper scattered all over the desk. There were dirty dishes in one corner and mud covered shoes in another. Junsu wondered if a cockroach would crawl out of the closet. He shivered at the thought.

How could anyone live like this?

Junsu’s eyes continued to wander the room as he took small steps in. He noted that most, if not all, of the clothes around the room were black or dark navy blue. Some of the papers scattered on the desk were music sheets. There was a chess board hanging upside down on the ceiling!

“What cha doin’?” the deep voice nearly made Junsu jump out of his skin. He turned around to see Yoochun at the door. “The bathroom is right over there. This room ain’t big enough for you to get lost in.”

Junsu wanted to tell him that it was actually easy to get lost in this incredible mess that he called a room. “Sorry, but…may I ask why there is a chess board and chess pieces glued to your ceiling?”

“My brother dared me into it,” Yoochun answered carelessly. “Now go take your bath so I can get my turn.”

“You have finished your dinner?”

“Yea,” Yoochun simply answered. “I take five minutes to eat.”

“But that is not healthy. You should chew slowly and allow the food to digest…”

“Okay, Umma, now you gettin’ in there or not?”

“Sorry,” Junsu bowed slightly before turning to scurry into the bathroom.

He closed and locked the door behind him, then to find that the bathroom was just as messy as the room! There were used bowls and cups on the counter and clothes on the ground. The guy couldn’t be human!

Rearranging his jaw that had fallen from shock, Junsu reminded himself of his mission.

Moving aside some stuff on the counter, Junsu carefully placed his belongings on the spot. Then he searched the counter for a comb or a brush. A brush would have been nice, but he found a comb…with no strand of hair on it. He began searching the counter and the ground.

It was then, on the white tiles, did he find that one strand of blond hair.

“Yes!” Junsu cheered happily as he picked up the strand of hair.

Meanwhile, in the room, Yoochun was wondering if he imagined the squealed ‘Yes’. Was the guy doing a shampoo commercial in there?


Thirty minutes later, Yoochun was pissed off and in desperate need to sleep. He pushed himself off the bed and started banging on the bathroom door.

“Ya! Did you drown in the toilet?” he shouted.

“I am almost done!” the voice came from inside.

“It’s been a whole hour!”

“Only thirty minutes,” he replied.

Yoochun listened carefully and noted that there was no water running. That meant he wasn’t showering. He was probably brushing his teeth or flossing.

“Ya, I’m comin’ in,” Yoochun announced. If he could see what the other guy was doing, he could rush him out faster.


Too late. Yoochun pushed the door open. When he saw the image in front of him, his scream could be heard from miles away.

“I thought I locked the door!” Junsu exclaimed. He was in a fluffy light pink bath robe, but that wasn’t what made Yoochun scream in fear. It was the facial mask that was pasted on Junsu’s face.

“What the heck are you doin’?” Yoochun exclaimed, his hand over his rapidly beating heart. That almost gave him a heart attack.

“I just need to finish my facial and then brush my teeth. It will be quick.”

“What do you need facials for? You’re a guy!”

“Do not be sexist. Both men and woman can use facials.”

Yoochun was backed up against the counter when Junsu suddenly took a large step to stand closely in front of him. Junsu’s face was close to his to examine Yoochun’s face.

“Wow, you have really nice skin. No wonder you do not require facials.”

Yoochun’s eyes widened at the white masked man who had his face only inches from his own face. He would have nightmares for a week!

“Speed it up!” Yoochun quickly said before slipping out from between Junsu and the counter. He ran out of the bathroom and closed the door behind him.

All of a sudden, the door opened and Junsu, having peeled the mask off, stuck his head out. “I thought I locked the door. How did you…”

“That lock has been broken for a couple of months now. Didn’t bother to get it fixed,” Yoochun replied. “Now hurry!”

“Oh, okay, thank you for the information,” Junsu grinned one of his sunshine grins again before pulling back into the bathroom.

Yoochun made a weird face at the door. What in the world had he gotten himself into?


Fifteen minutes later, Junsu walked out of the bathroom. He was wearing a one piece pajama made of soft white cotton. The pajama also included a hood with bunny ears attached to it.

“I do apologize for taking so…” Junsu was saying until he realized that Yoochun was snoring away on the bed.

Junsu felt his heart soften at the sight of the sleeping man, even though his right leg was hanging off the side of the bed, his left leg bent at the knee, and his arms extended frailly above his head. It wasn’t exactly a beautiful sleeping position.

Junsu smiled sweetly and unconsciously lifted his hand to touch Yoochun’s face.

What would it be like to pinch those soft cheeks?

All of a sudden, Yoochun’s eyes popped open. Junsu gasped and quickly pulled his hand away.

“Ya! What cha doin’?” Yoochun exclaimed, jumping to stand up next to the bed.

“You had some dirt on your cheek,” Junsu lied, standing up as well. “Thank you for allowing me to use your restroom. Have a good night.”

Yoochun watched with suspicious eyes as Junsu walked out, carrying his belongings in one hand. Then he noticed the pajamas and the hood with the bunny ears.

Yoochun quickly ran to the bathroom to check his cheek. There was no dirt.

Oh, no, did the weird guy really have a crush on him?

Yoochun looked at himself in the bathroom mirror and began to talk to himself, “I know I’m hot, cute, and amazingly handsome and girls fawn over my looks, but I didn’t know I attracted guys too! Worst, I’ve attracted a weird guy!”


The next day, Yoochun called in sick. He hadn’t slept the whole night. He was wide awake, fearing for his own safety.

Still, he didn’t exit his room until he heard the other guy leaving the house. Once the entrance door closed, Yoochun opened the door to his own room to walk out. He released a breath.

This wasn’t going to work. He had to live with this guy for a whole year!

Yoochun was eating chips and reading through a sports magazine on the sofa when the door-bell rang. It had been about thirty minutes since the other guy left the apartment. Did the guy forget his keys?

Yoochun took silent steps to the door and peeked out of the peeping hole. It was Jaejoong and Changmin with two bags of grocery.

“Boys!” Yoochun greeted his siblings. “Just in time!”

“I told you he’s faking illness,” Jaejoong told Changmin.

“I knew it myself,” Changmin replied. Although he was the youngest of the three, he was also the tallest. While other younger siblings were picked on by their older siblings, Changmin was the younger sibling who did most of the bullying against his older brothers.

“I’m ditching work, but that don’t mean you two ain’t either.”

“Look at the time. We’re on lunch break,” Jaejoong pointed at his exclusive watch.

Changmin and Yoochun sat down in the living room while Jaejoong went into the kitchen to prepare a quick lunch.

“If you keep calling in sick like that, you’re going to be fired.”

“Oh, please, the boss is in love with me!” Yoochun boasted.

“She’s transferred to another department. A new team leader is being assigned,” Changmin informed.

“Well, then she’ll fall in love with me too. I could get off the hook with just a charmin’ smile,” Yoochun grinned.

Changmin rolled his eyes. He and Yoochun worked in the same company, different departments.

“I heard it’s going to be a guy.”

Yoochun thought about the information for a moment before shrugging. “That’s okay. He’ll fall in love with me and I can still get off the hook with a charmin’ smile.”

“You have got to be kidding me,” Changmin cocked an eyebrow at his brother.

“Nope, don’t cha know that Jaejoong hyung ain’t the only one who can attract both genders?”

“You’re awfully proud of it,” Jaejoong walked out from the kitchen with a tray of food. Leave it to Jaejoong to prepare quick and delicious meals.

“Hey, if it gets me out of trouble and work, I’m all up for it,” Yoochun grinned as he and Changmin began to fight for food. “That’s mine!”

“You ate one wing more than me last time! This time, I get it!” Changmin exclaimed.

“Hey, no fighting, I made even amounts this time. Everyone gets five.”

“There are twenty chicken wings! If we each get five, there’s leftover!” Yoochun protested.

“Wasting food is bad. I guess I’ll just have the leftovers for you,” Changmin sighed as if his task was a chore.

Jaejoong rolled his eyes. “Those five are for your new roommate. Didn’t you tell me yesterday that the guy is settled in?”

“He ain’t here. Don’t worry about him. We do our separate things. No need to save any wings for him. I’ll eat it,” Yoochun made a grab for the extra plate of wings. Changmin slapped his hand away.

“I’m the youngest one. I should get it!”

“Respect your elders, ‘youngest one’!”

“So what’s he like?” Jaejoong interrupted.

“He’s effin’ scary,” Yoochun reported, racing to finish as many wings as possible.

“Scary? Why?”

“Mol la yo (I don’t know). I think he’s in love with me or somethin’. It’s tough being this good lookin’.”

“Psh! Your roommate must be blind or extremely stupid to find you good looking,” Changmin successfully grabbed a wing and bit off a piece of it.

Yoochun glared at him. “He’s better lookin’ than you!”

“Does that mean you like him in return?” Jaejoong asked, acting as if the fighting of chicken wings wasn’t even taking place. He was too used to it.

“Ah ni yo (No)! I was going to ask you guys to help me out. I dunno how long I can put up with the guy lookin’ at me like a wolf lookin’ at a sheep.”

“I’ll give you an idea if you give me that last wing!” Changmin announced.

Yoochun looked at the wing that he had tried so hard to take out of Changmin’s grasp. Was it worth it?

Frowning, he handed the wing over. “Fine, but this better be worth it.”

Changmin munched down on the last wing. “Get a girl to pretend to be your girlfriend. That’ll make it clear that you’re not interested.”

“Why don’t you just tell him the truth?” Jaejoong suggested.

“He11 no! That would be awkward! Besides, his contract is for one year. Imagine having to see him every day after telling him that I’m not interested in him.”

Chapter 2
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