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16 January 2009 @ 12:41 am
Micky Rabbit (Chapter 4)  


Yoochun saw the pictures of Junsu’s parents and thought, ‘So that’s where his good looks come from.’

Immediately after that, he frowned and told himself that Kim Junsu was far from ‘good looking.’

“Mom, Dad, I brought a friend to meet you,” Junsu smiled at his parents’ grave. Then he looked over at Yoochun as if waiting for Yoochun to speak.

“Oh, right, Mr. and Mrs. Kim,” Yoochun bowed towards the grave. “Nice to meet you. I mean…uh…”

Yoochun scratched the back of his head and smiled sheepishly.

“How about you tell them about yourself? So they know about my roommate,” Junsu suggested.

That was an odd request, but it was better than not knowing what to say.

Yoochun stood with his back straight and his arms to his side. “My name is Park Yoochun. I am 25 and I have two brothers. My older brother Jaejoong is really awesome at just about everything and loves the two of us very much. My younger brother Changmin and I are always picking on each other, but we never allow anyone else to bully one another.”

“What about your parents?” Junsu asked.

The nervousness along with any other emotion left Yoochun’s face. A frown began to form on his brows. “Why do I feel like I’m being introduced to my future in laws? This is stupid. Just because you’re treating me to buffet, doesn’t mean I’m your slave.”

Junsu noted the sudden change in Yoochun’s mood. Something told him that Yoochun was on bad terms with his parents.

“You know, I used to get into arguments with my parents too,” Junsu began.

“I dun give a crap,” Yoochun frowned, setting up his mental defense.

Junsu ignored him and moved to touch the pictures on the grave stone. “When my parents died, I felt a large sense of regret. Why could I not have loved them more? But then I realized that there is no such thing as ‘loving enough’. There will always be regrets in life. It is not a choice whether to regret or not when one dies, but it is a choice to regret a lot or a little.”

“Stop trying to preach to me. Even Jae can’t solve the problem between us. There ain’t no chance of you doing it.”

“Were you ever willing to talk to your brother about the problem? Perhaps talk to your parents about your problems?”

“You don’t understand,” Yoochun told him in a harsh voice.

“I can try.”

“Damn it, mind your own business,” Yoochun exclaimed. He regretted his words immediately when he saw the hurt in Junsu’s eyes.

“You are right, I am sorry. I should always mind my own business. Shall we go? There is a buffet restaurant five minutes from here,” Junsu said with a smile, the hurt in his eyes had just disappeared within seconds.

Yoochun noted that this guy was too good at concealing his emotions, at concealing his true self.

“Forget it, I ain’t hungry. I’m driving you back to the apartment and then I gotta meet up with Changmin.”

Those were his lasts words to Junsu, even on the drive back neither of them spoke.

Besides, what was there to say?


“He thinks he’s so smart! He nearly got it out of me! Nearly, but I was smart. I just yelled at him and made him shut up!” Yoochun rambled on and on.

“You yelled at the poor guy? I didn’t think it was possible to yell at someone with a face like that,” Changmin said as he popped a cashew into his mouth.

“What do you mean ‘a face like that’? He’s ugly,” Yoochun grumbled.

“What are you pissed off at exactly? The fact that he effortlessly pried your mouth open and you were close to spilling your heart out to him?”

“He did not do it effortlessly! I was not even close to spilling my gut to him!” Yoochun lied. Something about Kim Junsu had made him want to spill his heart out…and that pissed him off.

“Why are you so pissed off then?”

Yoochun searched for an answer. He couldn’t think of anything.

“I ain’t pissed off. I’m freakin’ happy as hell. The guy said he’s not in love with me. He was just extremely nice in a motherly way.”

“So that’s a good thing…that he’s not in love with you,” Changmin replied. “But how come you don’t look happy about it?”

“I’m effin’ happy about it,” Yoochun retorted.

“Right,” Changmin rolled his eyes. “You know what would be funny?”

“My fist in your mouth,” Yoochun answered.

Changmin ignored the threat. “If you were to fall in love with him, after doing all that to get him off your back and then wanting him back. That would be hilarious.”

“That would be impossible,” Yoochun frowned. “Now change the subject.”

Changmin took a sip of beer and tried to think of a subject. “You do remember that Jae hyung’s trial shoot is tomorrow, right?”

Yoochun mumbled a cuss word. He had forgotten.


“He supervises another department. Why is he here today?” Yoochun whispered to Changmin.

“I don’t know. Maybe he wants to see how you handle this,” Changmin shrugged.

“I handled it well. All the clothes are organized and all hyung has to do is change into them. Camera, lights, actions, I’ve got it all taken care of.”

“Trying hard to impress him, aren’t you?” Changmin raised an eyebrow.

“Just for the moola,” Yoochun smirked.

“Did you remember to bring the contract?”

Color drained from Yoochun’s face. “Con…contract?”

“Don’t tell me you don’t have it! I knew I shouldn’t have given it to you yesterday!”

“Why did you give it to me then? Were you drunk?”

“You told me to give it to you! You said you wanted to be in charge of EVERYTHING to impress Yunho!”

“Sh1t,” Yoochun mumbled.

“I thought you promised me you should not use such vulgar words,” a voice interrupted them. Both brothers turned towards the entrance to see Junsu walked in with a blue folder in his hand.

“The contract!” Yoochun exclaimed as he ran to Junsu. He grabbed the folder and kissed it. Then he grabbed Junsu and hugged him till he couldn’t breathe.

“Hyung, the poor guy can’t breathe,” Changmin pointed out.

“Oh, sorry,” Yoochun quickly released Junsu.

“No need to apologize. I am just glad I can help. I need to go now.”

“Are you sure? You can stay and watch. You’d be at home doing nothing anyway. Last I checked, you’re out of things to clean and organize.”

“Really? I can watch?” Junsu smiled as he looked from one brother to the other.

“Sure, since you’ve saved Yoochun’s butt from being fired,” Changmin chuckled.

Just then, Jaejoong opened the door to the changing room and saw the three standing in the corner. Yunho was in the other corner talking to the client. Other people were scattered around the studio to set up the scene.

All heads turned when Jaejoong walked out of the room. He was wearing a set of fashionable sportswear. His blond hair and white skin brought out the best in the outfit.

Jaejoong looked nervous and uncomfortable under all those gazes. Changmin, Yoochun, Junsu, Yunho, and the client walked over to him.

“This outfit looks nice. You make it look even better,” Junsu complimented. Jaejoong blushed and a smile of gratitude appeared on his lips.

“Very nice,” the client said, as he rubbed his chin. “But something seems out of place.”

“Allow me,” Changmin suggested as he walked to stand right in front of Jaejoong. In one tug, he pulled down the zipper of the sweat jacket and revealed Jaejoong’s chest.

“Ya!” Jaejoong exclaimed as he tried to zip the jacket back up. “No one gave me a shirt to wear under this.”

“You’re not supposed to wear a shirt under it! Leave it open,” Changmin explained.

Jaejoong would have argued, but he saw the pleading in Yoochun’s eyes. He sighed. “Okay. Can we start? I have an appointment later.”

“Oh, please, it’s only dinner with Mom and Dad and their little matchmaking session,” Changmin brushed off.

“Changmin,” Jaejoong frowned at him after looking at Yoochun with worried eyes. Yoochun looked extremely pissed off, but all he did was turn around to go talk to the photographer.

Junsu noticed.

Yunho noticed as well. He turned to the client to change the subject, “What do you think, Mr. Choi?”

“Not bad, his features will definitely draw attention,” the client replied. Jaejoong smiled politely at him.

“Thank you for allowing me this opportunity,” Jaejoong bowed modestly, although the last thing he wanted to do was be a part of this. He liked fashionable clothing, but he liked to dress for his own interest, not anyone else’s.

“Let’s get started then,” Yunho’s eyes were on Jaejoong. Jaejoong looked over at Yunho and nodded.


Half an hour in, the photographer called for a break. Everyone was gathered at the table with drunks that Junsu had so kindly gone to buy.

“Juice, water, and tea? Where’s the coffee?” Yoochun exclaimed.

“I did not purchase any,” Junsu replied. “These are healthier.”

“Not bad,” Mr. Choi, the client, nodded approvingly at the tea Junsu had recommended him. The others were agreeing that Junsu had made the perfect choice in drinks. Even Yunho agreed so Yoochun had to shut his mouth.

Just then, Jaejoong’s cell phone rang. “Sorry to be unprofessional, but I need to take this call.”

“No problem, we are on break anyway,” Mr. Choi smiled.

“Thank you,” Jaejoong smiled in return and walked away from the group to answer the call.

“How much you wanna bet it’s them?” Yoochun said to Changmin.

“Who?” Junsu asked.

“No one,” Yoochun replied. Changmin rolled his eyes.

The group continued to chatter over drinks while Yunho excused himself to the restroom. He did walk towards the restroom, but slowed his pace when he was about to walk pass Jaejoong.

“Change in location? I’m sorry, I cannot hear you. The reception is bad. Say that again, please? Did you say ‘Timeless’? Okay. All right, I will try to arrive at 5, but if I don’t then have everyone eat first. Okay, love you. Bye.”

When Jaejoong ended his call, Yunho went back to his normal pace and walked into the restroom.

He concluded that Jaejoong was on the phone with his parent. Five o’clock at the Timeless Restaurant. He did say that he had an appointment later today. Changmin had confirmed that it was with his parents.

A smile formed on Yunho’s lips. A little play of fate wouldn’t hurt.


“Good work today. It’s close to dinner time. I’ll treat,” Yunho announced. Yoochun and Changmin’s eyes glittered at the thought of food. “Care to join, Mr. Choi?”

“Oh, no, tonight is family night. It’s mandatory to go home to the wife,” the client chuckled.

Yunho smiled. “Enjoy then.”

Mr. Choi nodded and bid his good-bye to everyone. But before he left, he placed a hand on Yoochun’s shoulder, “Good job. I am very satisfied with the outcome.”

Yoochun grinned and looked over at Yunho to see if Yunho had heard the compliment. Yunho wasn’t smiling, but his eyes said that he had heard.

“Thank you, we hope to cooperate with you more often in the future,” Yoochun shook Mr. Choi’s hand.

Mr. Choi turned to Yunho, “You hired a good hand.”

“Yes, I believe so,” Yunho replied.

Changmin, Junsu, and Jaejoong were standing to the side as they listened. Changmin whispered to Jaejoong, “You requested Mr. Choi to say all that didn’t you?”

Jaejoong only smiled.

“How sweet of you,” Junsu put in.

After Mr. Choi left, Yunho turned to the other four, “Are we ready to go?”

“Actually, I’m already meeting up with some people for dinner,” Jaejoong reminded. “Thank for the offer. You guys enjoy the dinner.”

“Okay, I guess I’ll have to make up for your meal next time we meet,” Yunho said.

“Oh, no, that’s fine. Good-bye, everyone!”

Jaejoong was quickly out the door. Junsu noticed that Yoochun seemed annoyed…perhaps about Jaejoong’s appointment with their parents?

“Well, where shall we go?” Changmin inquired.

“I heard the ‘Timeless’ restaurant a couple streets north is excellent,” Yunho suggested.

“Then ‘Timeless’ it will be!” Changmin cheered.


“Four, please,” Yunho smiled at the hostess.

“This way please,” she grabbed four menus and led the four men to a table in the corner.

“This is a very nice place,” Junsu complimented.

“I only care if the food is as good as the looks,” Changmin grinned. Junsu smiled at his cuteness.

Then they noticed that Yunho and Yoochun were quiet. Both were staring into the VIP room to their left. The door to the room was slightly open and taking a closer look through the slit revealed Jaejoong’s beautiful face.

“Oh! What a coincident!” Junsu grinned.

“Oh, man,” Changmin covered his eyes with his hand. When he felt the movement of Yoochun shooting up from the chair, Changmin quickly looked up at his brother. “Hyung, don’t…”

Yoochun ignored Changmin. Instead, he reached over and grabbed Junsu’s hand to tug the guy from his seat.

“What are you doing?” Junsu questioned confusingly as Yoochun gripped his hand hard.

Yoochun did not reply. He just dragged Junsu along with him to the VIP room. Changmin shared a glance with an amused Yunho before they put down their menus and followed Yoochun.

Yoochun pushed the door to the VIP room wide open and walked in as if it were his own home. “Yo, Jae hyung! How have you been?”

Junsu’s eyes scanned the room. There were five people at the large table: two elderly couple, Jaejoong and a beautiful girl. While the girl looked confused, Jaejoong and the elderly couple looked horrified.

“Yoochun, get out of here,” Jaejoong ordered as he stood up from his seat.

Junsu felt Yoochun’s grip on his hand tighten. Their fingers were intertwined as if they were holding hands like a couple.

Junsu turned his head slightly to see Yunho and Changmin standing at the door watching the scene. But he turned his eyes back to the table when Yoochun pulled him to stand closer to the elderly couple.

“I was just jealous that these dear parents here are always finding girls to match you up with. They’ve never done that to me so I thought I’d show them that I can find a good companion without their help.”

“What?” the elderly man, looked up at him with a frown. Then he glared at Junsu.

Junsu concluded that the elderly couple was Mr. and Mrs. Park.

Yoochun purposely held up their connected hands and placed it on the area above his heart. “Meet Susu, he’s my boyfriend,” he introduced with a proud smirk.




Junsu couldn’t tell who had voiced that question or how many times it had been repeated, but he was sure it wasn’t him. He was too shocked to speak.

“How dare you treat your parents with such disrespect?” Mr. Park angrily stood up from his chair. Mrs. Park followed, giving Yoochun a disappointed expression.

“Introducing my parents to the love of my life is disrespectful? That makes me question your parenting skills,” Yoochun threw back with a smirk.

“Yoochun, shut up and get out,” Jaejoong tried again.

“I made myself clear…” Mr. Park began.

“You made yourself very clear. That’s why your eldest son is miserable. You ask him if he’s happy with your arrangement of his life and I can tell you that his answer is a lie. As a matter of fact, I can even tell you WHY the answer is a lie,” Yoochun cut in.

“Yoochun!” Mrs. Park gasped.

Yunho looked over at Changmin and wondered if he was going to step in to this family feud. Changmin shook his head in defeat.

Junsu pitied Jaejoong, who looked as if he was being torn into two. Junsu wanted to help him and he did not want to see this fight between Yoochun and his parents.

What could Junsu do?

“Wow, is that the latest design by Tiffany?” Junsu’s normal volume voice shut everyone up. They all looked at him as if he was an idiot. Did he even realize what was going on around him?

He was talking to the girl who was sitting at the table, watching the scene in shock.

“You’re talking to me?” she inquired.

“Of course,” Junsu smiled politely at her. He tried to free his hand from Yoochun so he could walk over to her, but Yoochun refused to let go. Junsu had to continue to talk to her from across the table. “May I ask where you purchased the bracelet?”

The girl looked at all the confused faces around her and finally turned her eyes back to Junsu, “I bought it at the mall yesterday.”

“My mother designed jewelry. She would have really loved that design,” Junsu informed with his friendly grin.

The girl couldn’t help, but smile in return. “Do you…do you want me to show you where so you can purchase one for her?”

Junsu’s smile faded a bit, but only for a second. He continued to grin as he spoke, “She is dead.”

“I’m sorry,” the girl murmured guiltily.

“No need to apologize,” Junsu spoke to her as if she was the only one in the room. “I bought her a lot of gifts when she was still alive. Her favorite was the first gift I ever bought her with the money I made from my first job. It was only a ring that cost fifty won.”

Yunho and Changmin understood what Junsu was doing. They looked over at the other confused faces and searched for the realization in them.

Jaejoong was watching Junsu with thankful eyes. Mr. and Mrs. Park still looked confused. Yoochun looked pissed off.

“Okay, boyfriend, you’ve said enough,” Yoochun cut in.

Junsu ignored him. “I really wish I could purchase another gift and put it on her hand for her. Unfortunately, it will never be possible again. Is it not odd how we do not cherish such little moments until it is forever taken away from us?”

“Junsu,” Yoochun tried again in a stern voice.

“I even miss having my father yell at me or my mother nagging at me. Some people are still fortunate enough to exchange words with their parents and yet those words only cause sadness and pain.”

“That’s enough,” Yoochun cut in.

Junsu continued to speak to the girl with a smile. The girl was glancing at Yoochun and fearing for Junsu’s life.

“It should not always take death to make a person realize how valuable someone else is. Family is not a choice. As children, we should understand out parents’ love. But that does not mean parents should not understand their children as well.”

“You had great parents. You wouldn’t understand what it’s like to have parents like mine,” Yoochun exchanged glares with his father.

Junsu was still looking at the girl. “My father once told me, ‘If I promise to try to understand you, then you have to promise to try to understand me.’ A parent-child relationship, like any other, requires understanding and cooperation. Don’t you agree?”

The girl was a bit frightened by Yoochun’s angry expression towards Junsu, but she still nodded at Junsu.

“I don’t need you to teach me how to be a parent,” Mr. Park said angrily.

“Don’t talk to my Susu with that tone,” Yoochun defended.

“No! You do not understand. I am not trying to teach you…” Junsu began.

“There’s no point in explaining anything to him. He never listens to anyone else,” Yoochun interrupted, trading glares with his father again.

“No, do not say that about your…” Junsu tried again.

“Let’s go. I can’t stand being around these people who care more about how other people see them than their own son’s happiness,” Yoochun tugged at Junsu’s arm. But before leaving, he turned to Yunho and said loudly, “Sorry we can’t have dinner with you guys. Susu and I need to go home for our nightly make-out session.”

Junsu’s face turned red. Yoochun had said it loud enough for the whole room and the people outside of it to hear.

Fingers still intertwined, Yoochun pulled Junsu out of the restaurant.

All Junsu could do was follow Yoochun, who would not even catch a taxi back to the studio where he had parked his car. He did not bother to wait on Yunho, who had driven them all to the restaurant from the studio.

Instead, he just kept walking, his eyes angry and his footsteps heavy.

Throughout the whole time, he kept a firm hold on Junsu’s hand.


“Sorry about your hand,” Yoochun finally spoke after sitting in silence for nearly an hour. Junsu turned his head to look at Yoochun. The wind was blowing his hair and the mixture of black and blond looked nice for the first time since Junsu had seen it.

They were sitting on a bench, staring over a safety rail and into the sea. The beautiful stars were out, but Yoochun only stared into the black sea.

Junsu looked down at his hand. Yoochun had finally released it when they sat down on the bench.

The sadness on his face made him look like a baby…a baby that Junsu wanted to protect.

Junsu decided to smile and took Yoochun’s hand. He intertwined their fingers again and continued to grin at Yoochun’s shocked expression.

“You just need someone to hold on to so you do not get lost in the sea of hatred,” he said.

“Don’t get philosophical with me,” Yoochun frowned, although he did not pull his hand away.

“You are so unhappy about the matter. Why do you not try to solve it instead of continuing to let it drown you in misery?”

Yoochun turned back to look out into the water. “This was about two years back,” Yoochun began, and paused for a little bit too long. He was never too good at expressing touchy emotions with other people.

“If you do not want to tell me…”

“No, it’s just…”

“Take your time, but I have to remind you that you need to return home early to sleep. You still work tomorrow, after all.”

Yoochun raised an eyebrow. “Even my parents have never given me a curfew. What gives you the right?”

“That is true. Parents have certain rights that other people do not.”

Yoochun frowned at what Junsu was trying to say, but instead of getting pissed off, he just said, “Yeah, they do.”

“I thought your parents were controlling, but you say they never gave you a curfew?”

“They aren’t controlling in most areas, but…” he paused again. “I’m not pissed off at what they did to me. They never did anything to hurt me…directly. I’m pissed off at what they did to Jaejoong.”

“You love your brother very much,” Junsu smiled encouragingly as he gave Yoochun’s hand a squeeze.

A small smile crept on Yoochun’s lips. “I do. Jae hyung is just about one of the most amazing person in the world. He was always taking care of Changmin and me. Our parents were out often because of business and Changmin and I were too bratty to be handled by babysitters.”

Junsu chuckled, “Only Jaejoong could handle you two.”

“Only him!” Yoochun laughed as he recalled memories. “There was that one time when I was nine and Changmin was seven, we were fighting over food and refused to talk to each other for a whole day. Jae hyung dragged us together and somehow tied us together with a rope. He sat us in the corner and just sat in front of us eating out favorite food!”

“You two must have deserved it,” Junsu laughed.

“It was evil! But it was his way of trying to mend things between Changmin and me. Eventually, the two of us realized that we had to work together to get back at him so we stopped being angry at each other. Jae hyung preferred us being angry at him than angry at each other.”

“I wish I had a brother like him. You and Changmin are very lucky.”

Yoochun’s smile began to fade as other memories flooded his mind. “Yeah, but the worst part is...he loves other people too much and not love himself enough.”

“People like that exist to balance out the selfish people,” Junsu said.

“Are you hinting that Jaejoong balances out me in the family?” Yoochun glared.

“Of course not!” Junsu grinned. It was a lie.

“You’re becoming too smart-alecky these days.”

“I learn from the best.”

Yoochun smiled and realized that he was staring at Junsu for too long. He quickly turned his eyes back towards the sea.

After a couple more minutes of silence, Yoochun finally said, “Jaejoong fell in love with a guy in college and it was working out fine. But then our parents found out and disapproved of it immediately. They could not accept that their son was gay.”

Those words were so blunt and direct. Junsu felt his heart warm at the fact that Yoochun was so willing to open up to him now.

“Is that why you…”

“I was using you to piss them off. I mean, really, what is wrong with being gay? Love is love!”

“So this whole time, you were angry for Jaejoong.”

“They were forcing Jae to get away from the guy. I was trying to help Jae, to defend him and fight for his love. My parents were pissing me off already, but it pissed me off even more when Jae so easily agreed to their wishes! He went and broke it off with the guy the next day and transferred to another college!”

“Maybe…he did not love the guy?”

“No, after the break up, I watched Jaejoong faking happiness in front of our parents. He was NOT happy. I would sneak into his room at night and catch him sitting in the corner of the room instead of lying in bed to sleep. The corner is where he sits when he’s very upset.”

“Maybe that guy just isn’t the right one. If he was, Jaejoong would not have given him up for family.”

“No, it could be Mr. Right and Jaejoong would still give him up for family. He’s stupid like that.”

“It is a matter of perspective. I do not think Jaejoong is stupid.”

“Does it even matter anymore? Jaejoong made his choice and now he’s constantly going to those make-making sessions to make our parents happy! He doesn’t even like girls and yet they’re always setting him up with one!”

“Is that why…”

“After I argued with them about leaving Jaejoong alone, I was always hiding in my room and didn’t even eat dinner with them. After finding out that they were trying to set Jaejoong up with the daughter of a friend, I went to argue with them again. Then Jaejoong walks in to tell me that he agreed to the match-making session, I just lost it! The next day, I gathered my belongings and moved out into that dump of an apartment with a friend.”

“You were angry with Jaejoong as well?” Junsu asked, his voice sad.

“I was. A month later, he came to the apartment to cook a huge meal for me. I decided to let things go and just talk with him like everything was normal. We’ve never brought up this topic. As a matter of fact, we avoid it.”

“You have to understand. Your parents were always out for business so you and Changmin were not too close to them during your childhoods. You’re closer to Jaejoong than you are to your parents; that’s why you side with him so much. At the same time, you have to understand that Jaejoong probably has stronger bonds with your parents. That is why it is so much harder for him to defy them.”

Yoochun looked down at the cement ground. In a bitter voice, he said, “Jaejoong is closer to them. Every night, Changmin and I would be in bed asleep while Jaejoong stayed up to wait for our parents to come home. One time, when I was ten, I woke up to get some water. I walked by Jaejoong’s room and saw him playing chess with Dad. They were laughing and talking. I just went to get my water and went back to sleep.”

“I think anger has caused you to be blind to other perspectives in this situation. You should really sit down and think about it.”

Yoochun sighed. “I think I’m done with this topic for tonight.”

“It takes a lot of energy to hate someone. For a lazy person like you, I suggest loving. It does not take much effort.”

That brought a smile to Yoochun’s face. “You are really getting too good at being a smarty-pants.”

Junsu grinned proudly and repeated, “I learn from the best!”

They continued talking into the night, neither noticing that their hands were still connected. Perhaps…it had become too natural to be worth noticing.


“Good night,” Junsu smiled sweetly before walking towards his room.

“Ya!” Yoochun called him back, as if not wanting Junsu to leave his sight.

“Hmm?” Junsu turned around tiredly.

Yoochun saw his half open eyes and felt bad for keeping him up so late. Junsu was used to sleeping early.

“What about our nightly make-out session?” Yoochun teased, his head tipping slightly in the cutest way.

Junsu’s half open eyes widened and his face went red. “Leave that for your girlfriend,” he retorted with a mocking face and turned to speed walk into his room.

He closed the door and locked it. He felt the need to lock the door, but for what reason, he did not know.

Maybe deep down, he felt the need to lock up his heart instead.

Junsu walked over to the bed and sat on it. His eyes traveled to his hand, the one that had been connected with Yoochun’s hand. His heart clenched.

Then his eyes traveled to the drawer located in the corner of the room. There was something in that drawer; something small enough to fit in that little drawer and yet was powerful enough to hurt.


“Leave that for your girlfriend,” Junsu had said before rushing into his room.

Yoochun even heard the door slam. He’d never heard Junsu slam the door before. He must have been in a rush to get into his room.


‘Leave that for your girlfriend.’

Yoochun walked into his own room. He was still not quite familiar with the cleanliness of it. Odd that he had grown familiar with living with the person who cleaned it.

From the beginning, Yoochun was sure that the only relationship between him and Junsu would be nothing more than renter and the person being ripped off. He didn’t even want to be acquaintances with the guy.

And tonight, he’d held the guy’s hand for four hours and thirty-five minutes…excluding the minutes that took place between running into the VIP room and walking to the dock.

Yoochun sighed and threw himself onto the blue bed.
‘If you were to fall in love with him, after doing all that to get him off your back and then wanting him back. That would be hilarious.’

Yoochun could picture the smirk on Changmin’s face as he recalled those words. Changmin would tease Yoochun for life if Yoochun fell in love with Junsu.

“Maybe that boy is using voodoo to jinx me,” Yoochun mumbled. “It must be Changmin’s fault that I’m getting pervie thoughts about Junsu.”

Chapter 5
~♥Hope to the End. Always Keep the Faith♥~chloe1910 on March 9th, 2009 06:29 pm (UTC)
ah..this chapter makes me cry...Though Yoochun is a selfish and lazy ass, he does loves Jaejoong very much. After getting to know him better, he's really not so bad afterall. I pity Jaejoong though.

I still have no idea why is Junsu staying with Yoochun. He's the angel sent to cure Yoochun's bad habit and cold heart??
젬젬 gemgemmisstellittome on May 20th, 2009 05:44 am (UTC)
awww... yoochun's starting to fall for junsu ^^
РыбО с планеты Кавай!lindefish on July 26th, 2009 07:55 am (UTC)
That was so sweet like they holding hands ^_^

and.... B&CH, LOVE IS LOVE!!!
xiahniste: pic#98932909xiahniste on April 28th, 2010 11:06 pm (UTC)
pervie thoughts huh???chunnie boy...