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16 January 2009 @ 12:42 am
Micky Rabbit (Chapter 5)  


Yoochun bid farewell to his colleagues. It was fifteen till five, but Yunho had left for a meeting and wouldn’t be returning today so he wouldn’t see Yoochun leaving early.

He was in his car when he remembered Junsu asking him about the location of the nearest pet store. He had wanted to buy a new water bowl for the fluff ball.

Yoochun decided to go purchase the item for him…just because he wanted to.

After a fifteen minute drive, he was in front of the pet store closest to their apartment complex. It was only a short distance that could be walked.

Yoochun got out of the car and locked it. Just as he took a second step towards the pet store, five men came walking towards him and pushed him against the vehicle.

“Ya! Watch it!” Yoochun exclaimed, worried that his car was damaged.

“That’s a pretty nice car,” one of the men in black said.

“Thank you, now get out of my way,” Yoochun retorted.

“Your payment is late. You pay us what we want and we’ll leave you alone,” the same guy informed. He was probably the leader of the group.

“I ain’t the one owing you money. That idiot moved out months ago,” Yoochun threw back.

He was about to walk off, but four of the men grabbed onto him and carried him into a nearby alley. One hand was over his mouth.

Yoochun felt the kick to his stomach and fell onto the cold ground. He tried to suck in air. “Dude, I told you that I’m not the one that owes you money!”

“Then tell us where your friend is. If we can’t find him, then we’ll chase you for his debt.”

“If you people had some brains, you’d have found him by now! It’s your job, not mine!” Yoochun exclaimed. He received a fist to his already hurting stomach.

Yoochun held his stomach and curled up on the ground. The pain was making it difficult to breathe.

Then he heard someone else groan in pain. Yoochun lifted his head to see a figure that reminded him of a ninja.

Junsu had just finished landing a kick on one man’s cheek when two other ones charged at him. A speeding kick and two punches sent those two towards the wall. The fifth man charged at Junsu and managed to grab his messenger bag to drag him onto the ground.

Junsu easily slipped out of the loop of the bag and out of the man’s grasp. The man angrily flung the bag aside and charged at Junsu again. Junsu did a flip and his foot connected hard with the man’s shoulder.

The five men in black were moaning and groaning in pain around Yoochun, who had forgotten the pain in his stomach. He was staring at Junsu in awe.

“Let’s go!” Junsu grabbed Yoochun’s hand and pulled him up.

“Your bag…” Yoochun reminded as he quickly picked up the bag. He had grabbed the side of the bag and caused it to flip slightly. Junsu’s wallet fell out.

For that quick second, Yoochun caught sight of the wallet and saw the picture in the center of it.

“Quickly!” Junsu shouted as he swiftly grabbed the wallet and pulled Yoochun out of the alley. “Your keys!”

Yoochun hurriedly found his keys and unlocked the vehicle. The men were coming out of the alley just as they drove off.

“Where am I driving to?” Yoochun exclaimed.

“Away from the apartment!” Junsu ordered. Yoochun did a quick U-turn and did as told.

Junsu looked back to see if the men had followed. They did not.

“They’re not following us,” Yoochun stated.

“Who were those men?” Junsu asked, concern in his voice.

Yoochun took a quick glance at Junsu and for the first time, realized how scary it was for Junsu to not have either a smile or a cute confused look on his pretty face.

“They were loans sharks. I…,” Yoochun started.

“Find a place to stop the car,” Junsu suddenly cut him off and sat in silence until Yoochun drove into the parking lot of a dock.

There was no one around. The two sat silently in the vehicle until Yoochun tried to break the ice, “You used a contraction when you said ‘Let’s go’ earlier.”

Junsu looked at him like he was an idiot. “Of all the things you could say to me now, you say that?”

“Well, what else did you want me to say?” Yoochun replied, feeling like a little kid being lectured by his parent.

“Explain to me why you have loan sharks after you. Those people charge high interest and if you do not pay them back, they will hurt you. If I had not walked out of the pet store to see them dragging you away, they could have done more damage to you!”

Yoochun felt guilty when he saw the disappointment on Junsu’s handsome face. “Sorry.”

“I do not need an apology. I need an explanation. Why did you go to the loan sharks?”

“They’re actually…”

“I always wondered why you were in a financial crisis! But your job pays well and along with the rent money that I give you, you should have a lot of extra money each month. Why didn’t you just pay off all your debts first? You get money and you go on spending it like crazy?” Junsu rambled on and on, looking very upset and disappointed.

“Junsu…” Yoochun tried to explain.

“You are an imbecile! Why did you take money from the loan sharks? Are you an addicted gambler? Where does your money go? Can’t you think of the consequences before you throw your money into the ocean? Did you take out a huge loan just to purchase this car, as well?”

“You should shut up and let me explain,” Yoochun shouted over Junsu’s rambling. Junsu closed his mouth and turned to look out the window so Yoochun couldn’t see his face. Yoochun sighed and spoke, “Remember when I told you I got pissed off at my parents so I moved out with a friend? We weren’t exactly smart at calculating our money. We only knew that the both of us could pay for it together. So we ended up with that dump. Then he got into drugs and took out loan after loan. Eventually he had to run out of Korea. Those men were after him, not me.”

“Sorry,” Junsu finally mumbled, his face still turned away.

“I guess I don’t blame you for thinking that I’d take money from loan sharks. I do seem like that type, don’t I?”

“Sorry,” Junsu murmured again. He didn’t want to turn around to look at Yoochun.

Junsu was disappointed in himself. He had reacted so much and too much.

When he saw those men dragging Yoochun away, his heart had nearly jumped out of his body. When he saw them punching Yoochun, Junsu could only think of hurting those men in return for Yoochun. Then when he heard ‘loan shark’ he’d overreacted, completely disappointed and upset that Yoochun could possibly be a gambling or drug addict. He was completely hurt that Yoochun would hurt himself in this way.

“Can you turn around to look at me? They didn’t punch me in the face so I don’t think I look too ugly right now.”

“Is there a restroom around here?” Junsu ignored Yoochun’s statement.

“There’s a public restroom over there,” Yoochun pointed.

“Thank you,” Junsu said, not even turning around to look at Yoochun as he got out of the car.

Yoochun got out of the car and followed Junsu to the public bathroom. What was wrong with him?

Junsu was at the sink washing his hands thoroughly with soap. Then he took a bunch of paper towel and started wiping at his clothes.

Yoochun stood there watching, hands in his pocket and looking suave. “That’s not going to do much to clean your clothes.”

“I know, but doing something about it puts my mind at ease,” Junsu replied, seeming too busy with his clothes to look at Yoochun.

“Does it take much to put your mind at ease?”

“Of course not, simple minded people can be satisfied with simple things,” Junsu spoke, still too busy to look up.

“Something tells me you’re far from ‘simple minded’.”

Junsu’s hands began to move slower on his clothes. He was upset at the 180 degree change in attitude and even more, something else was biting at him. He had done something wrong, but he couldn’t put his finger on what it was.

“What do you plan to do about those men?” Junsu decided to change the subject.

“Oh, don’t worry. I just need to hold off for a couple more days. I got news that my friend, the guy that took the loan from them, is going to be coming back to Korea. His girlfriend is almost giving birth to their kid or something and he’s going to try to sneak back into the country. Those sharks will find out eventually and go back to harassing him.”

“Is that a rumor or is it reliable?”

“I heard it from the group of friends that we used to hang out with. It’s reliable. If anything can get the guy back, it’s his girlfriend.”

“He must really love her,” Junsu continued to wipe at the sleeve of his jacket.

Yoochun took his hands out of his pockets and walked over to Junsu. “Let me help you with your back.”

Junsu looked like he wanted to protest, but Yoochun had already grabbed a towel had spun Junsu around. Then he said, “Yeah, the guy loves his girlfriend. That’s why he’s going to risk his life coming back.”

“Someone once told me, ‘Love creates idiots.’”

Yoochun chuckled. “Good point.”

Junsu allowed himself to smile slightly at the sound of Yoochun’s laugh. Still, he couldn’t smile completely. Something was nagging at him…

Yoochun eventually finished wiping the back of his jacket, even though he seemed to have taken a little longer than necessary.

“By the way,” Yoochun began, as he crumbled the paper towel up and shot it into the trash.

“Hmm?” Junsu reacted as he cleaned his hands with soap for a second time.

Yoochun’s eyes moved right and left as if he was deciding between two things.

He was deciding. Should he ask Junsu about the picture in the wallet or the fact that Junsu knew he was being ripped off?

“Ya!” Junsu suddenly cried.

“What? Did you break a nail?”

“No! But you did!” Junsu grabbed his right hand and started examining the nail. “Do you not cut them?”

“I used to bite them, but you kept nagging at me for it.”

“I will give you a manicure when we get back home.”

Yoochun liked the way Junsu referred to their place as ‘home’.

“Okay, let’s head back then. If those guys are still there, then you can karate chop all of them again. I’ll record it with my phone.”

“That was not entertainment. I was frightened for your life!” Junsu exclaimed.

That made Yoochun grin even more. “It’s hard to believe you’ve got those skills. Maybe you can teach me a move or two!”

“I use these skills for discipline and defense. You are likely to use them for entertainment and fights.”

“That seems to balance out.”

Junsu shook his head from left to right. “No, we are too different to even balance each other out. Thank goodness we are only living together for one year. Any longer would not do.”

Junsu walked out of the restroom, leaving Yoochun standing there. Yoochun scratched his cheek with his index finger.

First the guy was being awfully nice to him, worried for his life. Now he was talking about a relationship not working out between them because they were ‘too different’?

So did Junsu love Yoochun or not?

And what about that picture in the wallet and the rent?


“Are we at it again? You said that he was in love with you before and then he told you he wasn’t! Now you think he’s in love with you again?” Changmin whined.

“No, listen to me, I really think it is for real this time,” Yoochun tried to persuade.

“Fine, present your evidence to the court,” Changmin leaned back into the chair of his office. He had wanted to go out to lunch, but Yoochun came running into his office.

“Evidence 1: He has a picture of me and him in his wallet!” Yoochun looked like a giddy school boy talking about his first crush.

“You guys took a picture together?”

“Heck no! I only caught a quick glance at it, but there are two possibilities. Either he photo shopped the picture or he took one of my pictures, folded it and did the same to one of his pictures. I think the second reason has a greater chance since I kind of remember seeing a line between us in the picture.”

Changmin rubbed his chin. “Hmm, okay, next evidence?”

“Evidence 2: He cares for me an extreme lot!”

“That was the reason you thought he was in love with you the first time. Didn’t you conclude that he’s that nice to everyone?”

“Well…he was frightened to death when I was getting beat up by those loan sharks! So much that he even lost his composure and used a contraction!”


“Yeah, if you notice, the guy is so formal that he never uses contractions in his sentences!”

“I’ve noticed. I’m just shocked that you know that word.”

Yoochun glared at him, but then grinned. “Forget it; you aren’t going to ruin my mood. Moving on, Evidence 3: After that fiasco at the restaurant, we went to sit on the dock for hours. He made the first move to hold my hand and even stayed out extremely late with me! We’re talking about Junsu here, the guy that’s sleeping before 8 every night!”

“Maybe he felt bad for you after what happened at the restaurant,” Changmin shrugged. Yoochun decided to ignore that statement.

“Evidence 4: The rent. Apparently, he knew that I was ripping him off, but he still signed the contract anyway!”

“You said it was because he’s rich and stupid.”

“No, no, Junsu is not stupid. He just did it so he could get close to me. He was willing to sacrifice money for love!” Yoochun was grinning from ear to ear, feeling like the most special person in the world.

“If he’s not stupid, then he’s blind. I pity him for falling in love with you.”

“Shut your face. I am amazing, handsome, smart, kind…”

“Okay, okay, I’ve heard enough evidence. Now tell me why you’re telling me all this.”

“I just want to share the joy. Oh and tell Bomi that she doesn’t have to pretend to be my girlfriend anymore. I think she’s the reason Junsu thinks we can’t be together.”

Yoochun was too blinded by love to realize the sudden reaction from Changmin at the mention of ‘Bomi’.

“Okay, sure,” Changmin mumbled.

“Okay, thanks, my lovely dong saeng. Bye!”

Yoochun skipped out of the office with a grin.


“This is amazing! I have not had this much fun shopping for a long time! Thank you!” Junsu grinned at Jaejoong.

“No problem. See it as my way of thanking you for helping out at the restaurant that day.”

“My ATTEMPT to help, you mean,” Junsu corrected. “I wanted to resolve the feud, but all I did was made them angrier.”

“No, I was thankful you got Yoochun angry enough to walk out. If he had stayed any longer, more arguing would have ensued.”

Junsu smiled encouragingly at Jaejoong, who had looked normal for their whole journey from store to store.

“Jaejoong,” Junsu stopped walking and looked into Jaejoong’s eyes. “You are too good at hiding your feelings.”

Jaejoong blinked in surprise. “What?”

“It’s not always a good thing.”

Jaejoong sighed in defeat, “I know.”

“Let’s sit down for a drink,” Junsu pointed to a restaurant nearby. Jaejoong nodded. When they were seated and their orders were taken, the two men sat back in their chairs and enjoyed the view through the window.

“Do you feel familiar with the Korean streets, yet?”

“Slightly, but certainly not enough to guarantee I will not get lost,” Junsu smiled.

“This street is the place with the best clothing shops. See that building at the very end of the street?”

“That is a large building.”

“It is the one that Yoochun and Changmin work at. I remember driving them there on their first day.”

“They did not have a car?”

“I insisted. They were annoyed at me, but gave in to my request.”

Junsu smiled warmly. “I really envy your brotherly relationship. I grew up as an only child.”

Jaejoong smiled, “Well, now you can treat us as brothers!”

Junsu’s eyes were as bright as his smile. Too happy for words.

Just then, Jaejoong received a text message from Yoochun asking where he was. He replied to it and continued to talk about the latest fashion trend with Junsu.

Fifteen minutes later, Yoochun and Yunho showed at the restaurant to join them.

Jaejoong and Junsu were sitting next to each other. Yoochun quickly grabbed the seat next to Junsu and Yunho gladly took the leftover seat next to Jaejoong.

“Are we interrupting?” Yunho asked, his eyes on Jaejoong.

“Oh, no, not at all,” Jaejoong replied with a polite smile.

“Yunho and me…”

“‘Yunho and I’,” Junsu corrected.

Yoochun easily abide, “Yunho and me just came back from a meeting. He took me with him so I can get some experience from it.”

“Thank you,” Jaejoong said to Yunho.

“No problem. My secretary is on leave anyway. Are you two going to eat?” Yunho politely smiled at Junsu and then back at Jaejoong.

“I am a bit hungry. Shall we order meals now?” Junsu inquired.

“I am only a bit hungry too. Do you want to share something?” Yoochun grinned at Junsu.

“Are you sure? You usually eat a lot,” Junsu replied.

“Oh, no, no, let’s share!”

Jaejoong noticed how Yoochun kept leaning towards Junsu as he spoke. A small smiled appeared on his lips as he watched his younger brother, willing to sacrifice his stomach to share a meal with Junsu.

Yunho was captured by Jaejoong’s genuine smile. But he felt a pang at his heart when he saw a worried expression overtake the smile.

“Okay, you order when the waiter or waitress comes by. I need to use the restroom,” Junsu began to stand up.

“I’ll come with you!” Yoochun volunteered.

Junsu gave him an awkward expression. “Do you…have to go too?”

“Well, to wash my hand. Always wash your hands before you eat, remember?”

Junsu smiled at his childish grin. “Okay, then do you guys mind ordering for us?”

“No problem,” Jaejoong replied.

Yoochun followed Junsu off to the restroom.

“Is something wrong?” Yunho suddenly asked.

“Hmm?” Jaejoong turned to him with a confused expression.

“You were smiling at the two, and then you looked concerned.”

“No, I’m just hungry,” Jaejoong forced a smile.

Yunho recalled the event at the restaurant the other day. “You feel that your brother is in love with Junsu. You’re happy for them, but at the same time, you’re concerned about your parents’ approval.”

Jaejoong looked at him in shock. “Well, I…it’s just…”

“If your parents love you, they would want you to be happy.”

“You don’t understand…”

“I would if you explained it to me. When was the last time you openly talked to someone about your feelings?”

“I…” Jaejoong tried, but could not come up with words. He would usually feel cornered and threatened when someone tried to pry at his inner feelings, but this time…he didn’t feel like he would get hurt.

“You worry that telling your friends and family would bring concern and stress to them. Then why don’t you try telling me? I am practically a stranger so even if you told me, it would not personally affect me.”

Jaejoong bit at his lips. “What are you, a mind reader?”

Yunho smiled handsomely, “Nope, I’m just an ear and shoulder when you need one.”

“When you need what?” Yoochun’s voice interrupted them.

“Did you order yet?” Junsu inquired.

“Oh, no, not yet. Sorry,” Jaejoong apologized.

“Okay, that should be fine. Yoochun and I just remembered that we have something to do for the apartment. We have to go.”

“We do?” Yoochun looked at Junsu.

“Yes, sorry for the last minute notice,” Junsu smiled. “You two enjoy your meals.”

Yoochun was still looking confused as Junsu dragged him out. Before walking away, Junsu winked at Yunho. Yunho’s smile in return was one of gratitude.

Jaejoong did not see the wink. Yoochun did see the wink.

Once they were out of the restaurant, Yoochun demanded, “Why did you wink at him? What is going on? And I told you to wait for me, but you walked out of the bathroom without me!”

“I am just returning a favor to Jaejoong,” Junsu replied with a proud smile. Junsu left the restroom before Yoochun and happened to hear Yunho’s statement beginning with, ‘You worry that telling your friends and family would bring concern and stress to them.’

Yoochun had come out too late to hear it, but somehow, Junsu felt that it was best Yoochun did not know about Yunho’s feelings for now.

“Do you have a thing for Yunho too?” Yoochun glared.

“Pardon?” Junsu broke out of his train of thought. Did he hear wrong?

“Do you have a thing for Yunho? You winked at him!”

“What? No! Of course not!”

“Okay, good,” Yoochun mumbled to himself. Junsu was confused.

“Are you still hungry? Do you want to go to a fast food joint to grab something?”

“We can go to a deli and grab a healthy sandwich,” Yoochun suggested.

Junsu was shocked again. “Healthy sandwich?”

“Yeah,” Yoochun shrugged casually. “Why not?”

A proud smile found its way onto Junsu’s lips. “Okay.”

They began to walk towards a deli near the company that Yoochun worked at. Along the way, Yoochun finally said, “You know how I tried to use Yunho as my pretend boyfriend?”

“Yes, because you thought I was in love with you,” Junsu smiled at the silly memory.

“Yeah, well, remember Bomi?”

“Oh, yes, how has she been? You have not invited her over for a while. I miss her. She is a wonderful person.”

“She is a pretend girlfriend,” Yoochun revealed.

“Oh,” was all Junsu said. He was busy looking at the lights to see if it was safe to cross the streets.

“I’m actually single,” Yoochun tried again.

“Well, I hope you find someone you love soon,” Junsu grinned at him before turning back to look at the street lights. When it turned red, he began to walk, but a disappointed Yoochun did not follow. “Quickly, before the light changes.”

Junsu grabbed Yoochun’s hand and led him across the street. Yoochun was staring at their connected hands the whole time.

They were on the other side of the street, directly across from Yoochun’s workplace.

Junsu released Yoochun’s hand and Yoochun was about to retrieve Junsu’s hand, when…

“Yoochun! Junsu!”

The two looked across the street to see Bomi racing towards them in time before the light turned green.

She had just gotten off work so she was in her elegant and cute secretary outfit. Too bad that cute outfit included high heels.

Just as she got to the other side of the street, she tripped. Yoochun quickly reacted and caught her in his arms.

“Thank you, Chunnie. You’re the best boyfriend!” Bomi grinned lovingly at him. Yoochun’s eyes widened and he quickly turned to look at Junsu, who had a confused smile on his pretty face.

“What?” Yoochun questioned.

Bomi regained her balance and wrapped her arms sweetly around Yoochun’s waist. “I just got off of work. Want to go for a movie and then dinner?”

Yoochun’s mouth dropped open. He turned to Junsu. “Junsu, I…”

Junsu was smiling cordially at them. “You two look adorable. I should not be bothering you. Enjoy the movie and dinner!”

“Would you like to join us?” Bomi asked.

“Oh, no, thank you. I need to get going. Bye!” Junsu grinned before turning around to walk away.

“Junsu!” Yoochun called after him. He did not turn around. Instead, he was walking away at a pretty quick pace.

“Yoochun?” Bomi stood there looking very confused.

“Ya! Let go!” he angrily pulled Bomi’s arms away and accidentally used too much force.

She could not balance on her heels and nearly fell backwards. Changmin, who had just gotten off work as well, caught her.

“Ya! What’s wrong with you? You shouldn’t push her like that!” Changmin shouted at Yoochun.

“I didn’t mean to push her,” Yoochun defended.

“Are you okay?” Changmin asked Bomi. She nodded, moving away from him as she regained balance.

“Why didn’t you tell her that she doesn’t have to pretend to be my girlfriend anymore?”

Bomi and Changmin exchanged awkward glances.

“Well, you should have just told Junsu that it was my fault just now. But all you did was let him run off and then turn around to start yelling at us?” Changmin turned his attention his brother.

“Where was I supposed to start? He wouldn’t have listened, especially when her arms were around me!”

“She doesn’t like it anymore than you do. Now that it’s cleared up with her, you need to go run after Junsu and do your part of the explaining.”

“You two need to come with me to explain! You’re the mastermind behind this!” Yoochun protested.

“You’re the one who hired me!” Changmin retorted.

“Can we just go find Junsu and explain?” Bomi interrupted in a quiet voice.

“Fine, but you text him and ask him where he is. He’s probably too pissed off at me right now,” Yoochun ran a hand through his hair in frustration.

Changmin texted Junsu and found that he was back at the apartment.

“Come on, I’ll drive,” Changmin told them. They walked to the parking lot and arrived at his dark purple truck.

Yoochun walked to the front passenger seat to get in, but was surprised when Bomi reached for the same door. It seemed like a natural thing for her to do.

“Oh, sorry,” she apologized and started to move to the door to the back seat.

“No, that’s fine. You sit in the front,” Yoochun told her. He didn’t wait to listen to her protest as he climbed into the back seat.

Yoochun watched as Bomi easily climbed into the passenger seat in her high heels. It was a stylish and tall truck. Any other person would have had trouble climbing into it with high heels…but Yoochun realized that maybe Bomi was so familiar with this truck that she had become a pro at overcoming the height.


“He must be so pissed off at me!” Yoochun rambled on and on as they got out of the vehicle and walked towards the apartment.

“If you’re so afraid that he’s angry at you, then why don’t you let him use you as a punching bag? That should help a bit,” Changmin rolled his eyes.

“That wouldn’t be a bad idea…if Junsu wasn’t a pro-karate master! He could kill me with one punch!”

“He’s a karate master, neh? That makes me like the idea even more,” Changmin retorted.

Yoochun glared at him before reaching for the keys to open the door. Changmin and Bomi followed behind.

“I’m home!” Yoochun said cutely as he walked in with a large grin, hoping the cuteness would soften Junsu’s heart.

Changmin made a disgusted face at his hyung’s attempt to act cute. Bomi giggled. Seeing Bomi giggle wiped the disgusted expression off Changmin’s face.

Too bad Junsu was not in the living room to see the act of cuteness.

“Is he here?” Bomi inquired.

“Su?” Yoochun tried again. He began to walk towards Junsu’s room and the other two followed.

The door to Junsu’s room was half way opened. The three looked in and saw him sitting on the bed with his back towards them. His head was tilted forward as if he was looking down.

“He’s so sad that he can’t even hold his head up! He’s so angry that he won’t even respond to me!” Yoochun whispered. “He’s ignoring me! Oh, man, he must be extremely pissed at me.”

“Allow me,” Changmin said as he walked pass Yoochun and into the room. He stood behind Junsu and placed a hand on his shoulder, “Don’t mope over Yoochun hyung, he’s not worth it.”

“Shut up!” Yoochun exclaimed.

Just then, Junsu turned to look up at Changmin. The three of them saw the head phones he had plugged into his ears.

“Oh! Hello!” Junsu grinned at Changmin and then Yoochun, then Bomi as he removed the head phones. “Sorry, my music was on too loud for me to hear you walk in.”

“You were listening to music?” Bomi inquired.

“Yes, I just bought a new album and just finished transferring it onto my MP3. What about you guys? I thought you were going to a movie,” Junsu spoke like he usually did, with a beautiful smile and cheery voice. He looked too happy for Yoochun’s taste.

“I thought you were ignoring me because you were angry,” Yoochun cut in.

Junsu looked at him and blinked confusingly. “Why would I be angry at you?” he smiled at Yoochun.

“Because you thought I lied to you about Bomi being a fake girlfriend! I brought him here to explain to you!”

Junsu looked at each of the three and stopped to look at Yoochun again. He tilted his head slightly, “Why would you need to explain to me?”

“What? You don’t even care?” Yoochun exclaimed.

Chapter 6
~♥Hope to the End. Always Keep the Faith♥~chloe1910 on March 9th, 2009 06:41 pm (UTC)
Ah,...Yoochun that idiot has fallen for Junsu...Junsu is totally ocnfusing me...

On the Yunjae part, I am glad that Junsu decided to help the yunaje progress a little..
젬젬 gemgemmisstellittome on May 20th, 2009 06:35 am (UTC)
awww...yoochun is confooosed!
РыбО с планеты Кавай!lindefish on July 26th, 2009 08:18 am (UTC)
my head is gonna blow !!!!!! AAAAA! So he loves Chunnie!? Ne? ne? NEEEEEEEEEEE???